King was born and raised in Queens, New York.

He was born a normal child, no complications or illnesses and on an organic diet from birth.

There is no known cause of leukemia to date. 

Cancer has stolen King's childhood but we will not allow it to steal his bright future! 

On April 26th 2016 the nightmare began.

I complained of mouth pain so my parents took me to the dentist. The dentist did not see anything but redness and concluded that I possibly had a mouth sore. She advised to watch it and see if it gets worse or still hurts. If I still complained I should go to the pediatrician. I still complained of pain so a few days later we went to the pediatrician. She did not see anything. She took a few tubes of blood and sent it to the lab. She also advised to watch it and if I complained of pain to go to the emergency room.

Later that evening we received a call from the pediatrician to  go to the emergency room immediately as my hemoglobin levels were dangerously low. In the emergency room they couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I was given a blood transfusion and released. I went back a second time to the emergency room and this time they suspected I had adenovirus and it was possibly contracted from the playground.

It is now May 2016 and I returned as I continued to have fevers and very hot feet. Tylenol would bring the fever down temporarily but it would go back up within hours. Back to the emergency room I went. The doctors confirmed I had G6PD. A lifelong, incurable enzyme deficiency and we thought that was the absolute worst thing we would have to deal with. My red blood cell count just kept crashing. They thought maybe G6PD was causing the "fevers of unknown origin".  Fevers of unknown origin is when you have a fever of over 100.4 for twelve consecutive days. The doctor seemed very concerned but reassured us not to worry as that would be the worst case scenario. I was released and told to follow up with a Hematology/Oncology doctor as they handled blood disorders.


 I made the appointment to follow up on my hemoglobin levels and that's when my life changed forever.  The resident came into the room and told my parents that they found something concerning. She said she will get the doctor and be back shortly. The doctor arrived after ten painful minutes and mentioned that they found an abnormal cell in the blood smear and it is lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Our worlds were crushed. I was admitted to the hospital where I lived for a month. I had no idea this would be my new home for years to come.

I am eternally grateful for each and every day I wake up. I am a strong boy and I have the heart of a lion. I am blessed and I WILL get through this . My parents are devastated but they ensure to shower me with positivity each day and remind me of how blessed I am. Years from now when I am older, they want to look back at this and say King you've been through so much and we're glad that cancer is just a memory,

you're a fighter and a strong wonderful boy.   

A few people advised my mom to create a PayPal account to support my medical expenses. Paypal ensures I receive every penny opposed to GoFundMe where they take a percentage. My parents are independent and don't like to ask for anything but I am in medical collection debt and it continues to increase . 

Drake's song Hotline Bling and Calvin Harris's song featuring Rihanna This Is What You Came For are the only two songs that got me out of bed after the first few weeks of chemotherapy.

Candy, food or toys could not get me up. I hope to meet them in person one day to say thank you.

We never expected this to happen to us but then again who does. 

It is surely a life changing event but we are focusing on all the positives and cherish each day.
Cancer not only affects the patient, but the entire family. 

We are eternally thankful for all of your prayers and support. 
It is greatly appreciated.


Please continue to keep King in your prayers.

We value your prayers more than anything.

We greatly appreciate the outpouring of love, consideration

and accommodation that everyone has expressed.  

You all encourage us to keep fighting!

The Singh Family