Ways YOU can help!

Please share and donate if you are able

Here are some COST FREE ways YOU can help! 


Prayers are worth more than GOLD to our family

Please pray for King and/or add him to your churches prayer list

*Join King at a doctor appointment and keep him company

*Check in. 

Make time for a check-in phone call, face-time, email or text

*Refer foundations that may help us pay for the mortgage or a utility bill for a month

*Start a fundraiser/bake sale at your school

*Collect funds at your church or place of employment

*Leave a note of support on King's social media sites

*Spread awareness about childhood cancer by reposting/sharing King's story with others and asking them to

please follow/repost/share his journey on Instagram and Facebook

Other ways you can help! 

*Gift cards for food, grocery and gas

*If you don't feel comfortable sending money through the

various ways we have set up (Pay Pal, Go Fund Me, Cash App)

please reach out and we will gladly send you a medical bill that you can pay directly to the medical debt collectors.

Additional info

A few people have inquired and in case you too are wondering why the GoFundMe goal is so high, please see below.

Cancer is an expensive illness. The different kinds of costs faced by people with cancer include:

Direct medical costs. These include doctors' fees, hospital charges, and medication costs. If you have health insurance, your insurance will cover at least some, but probably not all, of these costs. For example, many people find that their insurance provides only limited coverage for prescription drugs. For people without insurance, the direct medical costs of cancer can be a serious obstacle to obtaining care.

Non-medical costs. These may include the cost of transportation to and from treatment, over-the-counter medications, child care, home care, and medical devices or supplies. These costs are usually not covered by health insurance and must be paid out of pocket.

Daily living expenses. These costs — for food, housing, utilities, and so on — may suddenly be more burdensome if the person with cancer or a caregiver needs to stop working.

Source: Learn More About Finding Assistance / Overview of Costs